The terms and conditions of service

1.Style & patterns is responsible only for materials/articles officially documented and received for cleaning procession in our facility…
2.On due collection, customer shall be required to provide his or her receipt to pickup his or her clothes or articles from our desk.
3.In the event of loss of receipt, customer shall be asked to present a national identify Card,voters Cards,or drivers license..for proper deliberations and identity of person to their items.
4.The management shall not be liable or responsible for any Color run or any other damages resulting from weak fibres or inferior materials… further more if at all your fibres or materials or clothing are running color…please you must at the first-hand notify the pickup location or if you didn’t notice it at first but when we do …Style & Patterns will do..a callback to inform and for notifying our Clients.
5.We will deliver your packages or Wears or clothes or materials only on the presentation of your original receipt.
6.On a rare cases or occurrence of loss of your original receipt we will deliver to you your items with details..we will only require proper identification or proff of ownership if only you can identify your clothes or items Attached to
7.In the unlikely but rare cases of loss or damages.. there would be a convenient or comfortable and friendly deliberations and favorable agreement to Stand on..we are STYLE & PATTERNS.. Specialists and dedicated in our services to serve you always and better…therefore given your fabrics the style and patterns YOU deserve.


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