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We Care about your Clothes


We turn your Clothes into

Beautiful works of Art

We see your clothes as precious items that deserve the utmost care.

What follows is that we treat them with care as articles of aesthetic value: something that is nice, beautiful, tender, gentle, intriguing, interesting, creative and extremely well made by the manufacturers.

We continue this artistic tradition by treating them with every detail and attention they require.

Thus, every line, every curve, every seam, every edge and all parts that give clothes and garments their form, receive every attention to detail from us.

The overall objective is so that you can look your best.

Clothes stacked up beautifully

Shoe Care

-- your perfect hands for a clean shoe.

We care for your shoes and turn them new again.

Services we offer

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Unique Selling Points


Your clothes will not get lost from us. They are safe with us.


We fix faulty clothes and garments that come our way, and ensure that you receive your clothes in perfect states--even if they came to us in defective condition.


You get served the way you want. This is because "Bespoke" means custom-made


You get served at your own time


You pay nothing to get answers from us.


You are treated with respect, and accorded the honour and dignity that is rightfully yours

Why Choose Us?

Experience & Skills

We've done it for years to know precisely how to serve you.

Expert Personnels

Every attention is given to detail from washing, drying, pressing to finishing.

Low Cost

You don't have to break the bank to afford us. We are as affordable and as good beyond what you expect.

Guaranteed Service

You are sure of service from us anytime, anywhere.

Trusted Work

Once we serve you, there wouldn't be anything better than we've given you.

High Quality

We do not compromise resources. We expend every resource necessary for you to get the laundry service you deserve.


Lovely people we've served over the years

Justina Charles with beads

Justina Charles

C.E.O,TrueSauce Restaurant
Your clothes are well maintained and well packaged. If you have a generally open mind, you would give them a 4-Star Rating because you find negligible reasons to complain about anything. Everything is done well and in order.
Akolade Omoboore image

Akolade Omoboore

Manager, Krisbright Building Support Services
Not everyone finds the time to go hands on.I get Laundry jobs and transfer them to Style & Patterns to help me take care of them, and I don't bother about anything adverse because they've been capable hands for more than 3 years I've been in tune with them. I recommend them anyday, anywhere.
smiling with Tanzani face

Seline Nwamba

Manager, Ultimate-Sense Logistics
With a hectic lifestyle, I wanted a laundry house that I didn't need to micromanage and think for. I wanted a laundry house that knows what they are doing, and are up to the task. Style Patterns proved to me that they are mature in mind and act. They surprise me at every turn, and I joyfully rate them 4.5  Stars.

( might have gone for 5, but it might make their heads swell 😎)
Aaron Ododo pic

Aaron Ododo

Owner, Astrotech & Partners
For quite a long time, I used Style & Patterns as my outsourcing company. Their reliability built my confidence and trust in them over time, and I was able to build a thriving Laundry outsourcing business leaning strongly on the back of Style & Patterns because they are more reliable than one can ever imagine.
Testimonial Babe

Omotse Debinah

Creator: Insight Maestros
Many Laundry firms delay your clothes, and some even get overburdened with orders insomuch that they can make you lose your clothes. Thus I was sceptical of Style & Patterns at the first. But having tried them reluctantly, I must concur that they did live up beyond expectations, and I'm obliged to rate them 4.5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ .
Philemon Ajasa

Philemon Ajasa:

Founder, Clean Gist Social Network
I've been with Style & Patterns since the beginning, and I'm thrilled that they've weathered the storms and gone through the rough. Their longevity is testimony that they are strong, vibrant firm with experience, consistency and vision. You can never be wrong using Style & Patterns as your Laundry of choice.


We have unique packages that you can choose from



  • 30 to 40 Clothes
  • Any type of Clothes
  • Same Quality Service



  • 60 to 70 Clothes
  • Any type of Clothes
  • Same Quality Service



  • 100 clothes and beyond
  • Any type of Clothes
  • Same Quality Service


Hands on the Job

We have stayed in the business long enough to know what we are doing.

You won’t get it wrong picking us as your laundry of choice, and we do all we can to also ensure we don’t disappoint your expectations.

Ironing clothes
check shirts folded


The Team

Meet the People behind the Magic

Ericsson Bassey Picture

Ericsson Bassey

Founder, CEO

caught the Style & Patterns Vision

Christianah Ericsson

Christianah Ericsson

Operations Manager

oversees the day to day running

Charles Pic

Charles Okorobo

Business Development Advisor

Finds ways and strategies to give the Business a headway

Get in touch

Drop us a line, and we'd get back to you in no time.


+(234) 8103393005

+ (234) 9028201815



13 Oladipo Dumoye Street, Oke-Ira Nla, Addo Road, Ajah, Lagos.


Monday – Friday 09.00am – 6.00pm

Saturday 09.00am – 2.00pm

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